about us

The Transformation and Transition Project is a Christian non-profit organization in Columbia, South Carolina whose purpose is:

  • To see lives transformed as the Gospel of Jesus Christ is lived out in tangible, practical, and sacrificial ways through service to God and others.
  • To bring glory to God in our community through consistent, honorable, and effective service to returning citizens and their families.

We strive to accomplish our purpose by the following pursuits:

Assist Returning Citizens

We work to prepare and assist individuals for a successful transition into society after being released from incarceration.

Helping returning citizens is the primary focus of this organization and all other efforts support this cause. We take a relational approach to this endeavor emphasizing mentorship, discipleship, and inclusion into Christ-centered community.

Recruit Churches

We are cultivating a network of churches in central South Carolina that are actively involved in transition ministry.  These churches are committed to providing loving, Christ-centered community to returning citizens and their families. Healthy churches are ideally suited to provide Christ-centered communities for returning citizens and their families.

Consequently, we focus on recruiting and equipping church leaders and members to provide the kind of accepting and transformational communities needed for this work.  This goes beyond church attendance or even membership and involves long-term investment in meaningful relationships.

Network resources

We facilitate coordination between organizations and individuals across central South Carolina who can assist with reintegration. There is a wide range of needs represented among returning citizens and no single organization is positioned to address them all.

There are a number of organizations (government, faith-based, nonprofit, and business) throughout the Columbia area that offer valuable services or assistance to returning citizens.  We strive to foster cooperation and networking between these organizations to optimize their efficiency and maximize the collective benefit for returning citizens and their families.

our program

T&T serves by offering a transition course within correctional facilities in the midlands. We have had to temporarily suspend this program due to restrictions on visitors due to COVID-19.  We hope and pray we can resume the T&T course as soon as possible!

The T&T team has developed a unique curriculum to fit the need for a medium-length (12-week) pre-release course that also serves as the initial phase of a mentorship program. Topics covered in this course include identity, community, finances & budgeting, habits & addictions, relationships, job preparation, and much more. 

Our Members

Loren Roméus

Executive Director

Board of Directors